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Follow these steps to add RSS Graffiti to your Facebook account and automatically post http://TheGJCOC.com updates to your wall

Find RSS Graffiti in the Facebook Applications (Apps)


1. Click on More

2. Click on Apps

3. Select the Search box


4. Enter RSS Graffiti and click on the App


5. Click on Go to App




Configure RSS Graffiti


1. Click to Authorize RSS Raffiti to write on your wall


2. Click to allow


3. Click Add Feed


4. Enter the RSS Feed Information and Save

a. Feed URL:  Enter http://thegjcoc.com/Incl/RecentlyAdded.xml

b. Source Name:  Enter The Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ

c. Leave the Source URL blank and the Style as Standard

d. Click the preview to verify, then Save

Before Entry and Preview

  After Entry and Preview




You have done it!


1. The RSS Feed for The Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ has been added


2. Return to your home and you will see RSS Graffiti listed with your Apps


3. Pretty soon, you will see pages appear in Facebook as they are added to http://TheGJCOC.com, like this one just was


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