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This site was originally begun in 1999.  As you might imagine, things have changed quite a bit since that time.  You might find it strange to see the "Click Here" text, but using the internet was not intuitive for people then as it is today.  Here is a little history with some updates sprinkled in...


At the time, this page was created to keep track of the tools used and help others who work on sites or wanted to start a site.  Keep in mind that the sites referenced on this page are businesses and are in no way, shape, or form related to the Churches of Christ.  They were selected because they worked and were inexpensive or free.  If you have other suggestions, please contact us.


Also, it may be useful to see your usage stats.  Sitemeter has stats for us since we use their counter (and have added Google Analytics now).


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Click here to see how we implemented audio.



Graphics Tools


Art Today


A nice freeware screen capture utility is Printkey.exe.  Click on the link and save to disk.  When you start the program, it begins running in the system tray.  Clicking on the system tray icon then brings up the program.  It is great for cutting out parts of a screen and making graphic files. was used to create the 'Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ' gif's on the homepage and the footer.  It can also generate spinning text in gif format.  Watch out when using this as graphics make a page load very slowly.  This is now (which I used in 2009 to make the menus on



Internet Answering Machine

(This is really out of date, but back in 1999 we were using 28K DialUp!)

You're going to online a lot.  Put "forward on busy" on your phone and try out:

Or use a cable modem or DSL - Highly suggested!



Online Bible Tools


Audiobible provides both text and real player audio of the King James Bible.
In addition, if you put a link to their site on your site, they will submit you to search engines to increase traffic.


HTMLBible provides hyper linked cross referenced Bible text that can to linked to at the verse level.

(we are now hosting the text at



HTML Pointers 


Keyword Density Analyzer and Keyword Count


Search Engine Submission

(In 2009 you can register and submit non-profits with offers free Search Engine Registration and meta-tag generation tools.  It also has good discussion about how search engines work and how to optimize your pages for searching.


Don't make the same mistake I made!  When building your keywords meta tag, be sure to leave a space after each comma or your words may be interpreted as one long word instead of the words you wanted.  If you want to see our tags, go to the home page and view source.


Also see 


Meta tag Scanner -


Here is another Meta Tag checker and generator -


Multi Engine Submit -


Submit to AltaVista -


Submit to Web Crawler -


Yahoo is a manual submission process.  Navigate to the category you want to be listed in and click on the "suggest a site" link.  Be sure to read the directions first so that you are prepared to enter all of your information.

Interesting reading at


Listing Sites

Submit your site to community websites for your area.  For example, we submitted an entry in these sites, so they link to us, making it easier for people to find us.  Note that these sites link to denominations and false doctrine and are only linked here so that we can keep track of them to maintain our entries.  It can be frustrating as worldly organizations use incorrect terminology and titles, but it can help the community find the church. 



You will need a mailbox to sign up for accounts with most of these tools, so get one right away.  Be sure you will be keeping that email for a long time.  It is critical for maintaining domain name registrations!



Site Management Tool

I decided to use FrontPage 2000 (so 2007 is out as I update this page) as I had some experience with it from work.  I think it does a great job of managing the navigation bars and is easy to publish by just specifying the domain name.  I know that "serious developers" may scorn FrontPage, but it is inexpensive, easy to use, and easy to teach to "non-techies".



Web Hosting Site

(In 2009, we are now hosted on as it has proven simplest to have the domain names and hosting together - it avoids a lot of "it is working here, must be your domain name setup" discussions with the hosting site)


A warning:  Get the domain name registered in your name, not in the hosting service name.

In 2003 we got off of as they have had serious service problems and moved hosting to space donated by  Featureprice had our domain name registered with them as the owner!


John Hurt the provider of, says he will host charitable organizations for free.


Other web hosting possibilities:


Domain Name Registration

(In 2009 all of the domain names related to the Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ have been moved into an account for the church instead of my personal account.  Be sure to register all the variations. used to belong to the Gahanna Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, until they let it expire...)


In 2003 I am transferring registrations to as they come up for renewal as the price is lower.


In 2002 I transferred and domain name registrations to as they offered a free year with the transfer. offers domain name registration.  You will have to have the server name from the Web Hosting Site before you can register your domain name.  This site is registered with here. now offers the same service.



(In 2009 maps are also being done by and many, many others.) allows maps and links to be inserted.  Check out


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