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The Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ, PO Box 307408, Gahanna, OH 43230, Office: 614-890-4353, Building: 614-855-1229
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The website(s) for the Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ have been evolving since 1999.  These are some technical tools that have proven useful (and free) in trying to optimize for usability, search engine ranking, and performance.  I hope that posting them here helps you (and it allows me to keep track).  Zach Van Tassel



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Sync your files online and across computers 2GB account is free! This site is backed up with DropBox.

(we get 250mb more if you use this link) tells us the traffic level from mobile devices. The first month results surprised us and caused us to make some changes to ensure pages function in a mobile environment.


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